Floor Heating Systems – The Basics

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One of the most important factors that you need to take into account when buying a home is heating and cooling. When purchasing a home, you should always be aware that with increased age comes increased issues with cooling, heating and plumbing. As a result, your home will typically require more frequent and extensive maintenance, often including the replacement of many heating, cooling and plumbing components. Whether you want to sell your home in the next few months or have found the home that you want to spend your life in, it is very important to keep these systems in top notch shape.

If you find yourself frequently cold during the winter, one heating option that you should consider is floor heating. Although they are typically installed in very cold climates, you can build them into your new home or add them to your existing home in pretty much any area.

Although many homeowners love the looks of stone and hardwood floors, there is one common complaint. Most homeowners complain at some point in time about how cold these beautiful floors get during the winter. Regardless of how well your heating and cooling systems are working, you sometimes wish for just a little bit more help when it comes to heating the surfaces that you walk on with your bare feet. In order to address this problem, heated flooring systems were developed. Rather than tip-toeing across a freezing floor in the middle of the night, heated floors allow you to walk in ease regardless of how cool it is. Depending on the home that you live in or are building, you have the ability to choose from water based, air based and electric heating methods. Because these depend greatly on the particular style of your home, it is important to work with a professional during installation.

Regardless of whether you are adding a heated flooring system to your existing home, or adding it as a feature to a new construction project, work closely with your contractor to ensure that you have a heating and cooling system that works together to help improve the overall comfort of your home. While some things may seem like a good idea, you may find that they are either unnecessary or just do not work well in your home. Additionally, your contractor and heating and air specialists may be able to clue you in on opportunities that you did not know existed.

Heated flooring can greatly improve the level of comfort that you have in your home, especially if the majority of your floors are hardwood, stone or concrete. Not only will they help you avoid those uncomfortable moments when your feet first touch the floor, but they will also wow any guests that you have in your home when they realize just how comfortable your home is.


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